Boitshoko Consulting was birthed out of the need to help organizations incorporate employee wellness and mental health awareness into company cultures and productivity strategies.


Through its tailor made training and workshops for each client. Boitshoko consulting is motivated to alleviate the effects of issues that may transpire in the work environment through training as well as psych-education.

Boitshoko Consulting is focused on the training and employee development side of a business. We render serveries with regards to psycho-educating organizations through consulting, workshops, training, interventions, and emotional impact sessions with individuals or groups.


Boitshoko Consulting maintains a minimal company profile primarily because we are not a full service company. Our focus is on high quality, high impact work with our clients. We ensure the highest ethical standards informed by our experience in Trauma Counselling and guidelines provided by the HPCSA.


We are a young, energetic and vibrant company with an enthusiasm towards change in the workplace and society. We bring the human element into engagements with everyone in different workspaces. Our goal is to help enable skill sets such as work life balance, healthy inter-personal relationships, conflict management and resolution.

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